Elementary to Advanced Levels



With professional guidance from our dancing experts you will get plenty of opportunity to learn and develop your traditional Spanish dancing. With the option of flamenco, sevillanas and rumba dance programmes you can choose your favoured style . Would you prefer the Andalucian 'flamenco' option, noted for its energetic style?; The stylish 'Sevillana' fiesta folk dance? or the rapturous, South American 'rumba'? The choice is yours! The programme includes two hours of class per day and the cost advertised is for one week. The programmes are really fun and relaxed and are a great additional activity to your Spanish adventure.
Expert instructors
2 hours per day, Moday to Friday 
Advertised cost for 1 week
Suitable for any age and level
10 lessons per week
Available all year round
Start Monday; End Friday
Course Length: 1 - 4 weeks
1 lesson = 45 minutes

PRIVATE   Private lessons its one to one  175€        
 SEMIPRIVATE semiprivate its 2 students one kite each with the instructor  260€        

 WITHOUT EQUIPMENT  1  75€        




 FIRST STEP  2  75€        




 BEGINNERS COURSE           6        180€         




  BEGINNERS TEN                 



We are a very enthusiastic and professional team. 

The origin of the idea to create programs for student abroad is based in our own experience as we were young students in UK.
We went to learn English with a language programme. It was an experience that changed our way of seeing the world, a wonderful adventure that we never forget.
So we know that the student will improve their language skills
but we also know that they are going to live an adventure that will remain forever in their memories.
We are waiting for you to live this wonderful experience!
Encouraging you to know our culture, our language, our land and being part of an spanish family

The adventure start here!

 25 años de experiencia avalan nuestros programas en la organización de Programas de Inmersión Lingüística en el extranjero, dirigidos a los Grupos Escolares, en sustitución del clásico viaje de estudios.

Nuestros programas de estudios están diseñados para alumnos de 6º de Primaria, Secundaria, Bachillerato y PCPI.  

Los programas son de una semana y se realizan a lo largo del curso escolar de septiembre a mayo. Perfectos  para los profesores que organizan un viaje de estudio, cultural y de ocio.

!La aventura empieza aquí!



José Manuel Jordán Álvarez

Coordinador de Bachillerato 

Colegio Salesianos,Cádiz 

Del 30 de marzo al 5 de abril acompañamos a 28 chicos de nuestro colegio a un programa de inmersión desarrollado por Linstart y la escuela de idiomas EC de Brighton en el Reino Unido.

Sólo tenemos palabras de agradecimiento por la magnífica organización y desarrollo del programa.
La acogida, las familias, el curso, la ciudad y sobre todo el personal de Linstart y de EC merecen un 10 de nota.
No dudamos en repetir la experiencia en próximos años.    

José Manuel Jordán

Learn Spanish in Spain

                                              Tomoko from Japan

I really had a good time. I experienced nice Spanish culture.
I learned a lot of things from them.They are so kind ,friendly and welcomed warmly.
Hortensia is a very good cook. I enjoyed her nice homemade cooking.
She looked after me as a family.This house is conveniently located.It's close to the station,large shopping mall.
I wish I could stay longer. I want to stay again.
Great family!
I definitely recomend them.