PRICE: 75€
Morning or evening hours (subject to availability).
Support during the entire visit.
Length of Visit: 2 hours
Alcazar Monumental (twelfth century Almohad fortress)
Mosque, Arab Baths, Villavicencio Palace, Moorish gardens, mill ...
Visit the Cathedral of Jerez (morning)


Jerez is a nicely sized, very attractive and easily accessible city which, in addition to its great variety of high quality sports facilities, has a privileged geographical location just a few minutes from the Atlantic beaches and the sierra. Its warm climate means that it can be enjoyed at any time of the year

Few places in Spain are known to enjoy such a vast international prestige. Because of its wine, Jerez or Sherry, the name of the city crossed international borders many years ago and has since become truly universal.

However, Jerez is not only characterised by its wine and unique architecture but offers much more: it is the home of the Carthusian horse and the Bullfighting , the cradle of flamenco, a city of motor racing and other important events, and the site of a city centre declared as of historical and artistic significance.

Nowadays, Jerez is a big city where tradition coexists in perfect harmony with the latest modern features: big shopping centres and avenues come together in a cheerful and busy historical city centre, where shopping and tapas bars go hand in hand. All these special features, in addition to its extraordinary geographical location and climate, to unique and different tourist attractions and to its modern facilities, transform Jerez as the perfect city to live in and study.

There are a staggering number of equestrian events in which this noble creature can be seen. The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and the Yeguada La Cartuja; Hierro del Bocado, have weekly shows. There is also the annual Horse Fair and many equestrian events forming part of the Harvest  Festival.

Jerez’s exceptional geographical location, its close proximity to the Atlantic, the local chalky soil, the palomino grape, and the careful ageing of the grape must, all combine to give the world the pleasure of this unique product known the world ever as sherry. Lovingly aged in wine cellars often linked to cathedrals due to their  spacious silence. The production of these wines is protected by the “Official Regulating Body for the Authenticity of Jerez – Xeres – Sherry”.   

Easter week is one of the most heartfelt and deep-rooted fiestas celebrated in Spain. This commemoration has centuries of history and tradition, remembering the passion and death of Jesus Christ. Music, art and colour come together in magical processions - solemn parades in which crowds of people accompany religious images on their route through the streets.