Coordinador de Bachillerato

José Manuel Jordán Álvarez

Grupo Escolar Colegio Salesianos Cádiz 



Del 30 de marzo al 5 de abril acompañamos a 28 chicos de nuestro colegio a un programa de inmersión desarrollado por Linstart y la escuela de idiomas EC de Brighton en el Reino Unido.
Sólo tenemos palabras de agradecimiento por la magnífica organización y desarrollo del programa.
La acogida, las familias, el curso, la ciudad y sobre todo el personal de Linstart y de EC merecen un 10 de nota.
No dudamos en repetir la experiencia en próximos años.


José Manuel Jordán Álvarez

Coordinador de Bachillerato

Alumno Colegio San Ignacio Salesianos Cádiz

Brighton 2015

This trip to Brighton has been, for me, a good experience to know if your English is better then you think or worse. Also if this is tour first trip “alone”, without your family, you can know if you are self-sufficient or not. 
I must say that I spent a good week that I won’t forget. The family was kind and nice. The best of the lesson was that we had to speak in English and that fact has improved our English a lot and the day in London was unforgettable.
To sum up, this trip is valuable for students who want to know their level of English, and a fantastic experience with teachers and classmates.


Eduardo Barrios.

Estudiante Colegio Salesianos Cádiz


My experience in Brighton was very good.
The family was great and very polite and they did their best for us to be happy.
The lessons in Brighton EC were very active, we learned very fast and teachers were very nice.
The trips were different.
All of them were amazing.
All in all it was a great experience for us.


Pablo Becerra
Colegio Salesianos Cádiz


May 29, 2015                                               Charles Avril from France studied Intensive English for eight weeks. Here is thoughts on his last day:
Thank you for everything! I really improved my English and made lots of friend from all over the world.

Maria and Charles

Maria Magdalena Kroiss from Germany took a general English course for four weeks.
Thank you for the amazing time. I really enjoyed my experience with you and I truly had a blast in Brighton.

Thank you

Brighton Teacher Profiles


I qualified as a teacher in 2007 and have taught in Taiwan, China and Sicily. I love travelling and really enjoyed living abroad and learning about other cultures. I also like learning languages, particularly food vocabulary (it's very useful!)

I enjoy meeting students from all round the world at EC Brighton. I like to try and keep my lessons varied, and sometimes do project work with my classes. At the moment my Upper Intermediate class is making a magazine. I'm really impressed with their work!

In my spare time I enjoy drawing, painting, reading, going to gigs and spending time with friends. I also do a bit of freelance writing for music, art and literature magazines and websites. It seems most things I enjoy doing are related to English in some way, so it's the best subject for me to teach!

If you study ESL abroad at EC Brighton, you will meet people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds in a very friendly school.

Brighton Student Testimonials

Filipe Euscher

I wanted to go to study in London, but my stepfather showed me some beautiful pictures of Brighton which convinced me to come to this city. I had a look at many language schools and EC looked the most professional. What I have enjoyed most is meeting other people, getting to know them and enjoying the lovely landscape of England.
Filipe Euscher studied General / Semi / Intensive English at EC Brighton